Electrical Insulating Catalog

For over 55 years, Bo-Witt Products has been a leading supplier of OEM & custom made brusholder studs & insulators.

With over 1000's of parts in our database, we have the solutions to support your motor repair needs.  Contact us for a current catalog.

Value Added Engineering

Thermoset composites are complicated with the choice of material & molding process being a balancing act; particularly when part consolidation & new materials are involved. Bo-WItt Products has the experience, tools and knowledge to simplify the process so that the end result is a superior product that outperforms the competition AND adds value.

Outperforming The Competition

Every day millions of people put their trust in an insulator that holds electrified power lines for mass transit systems.  Mechanical performance coupled with insulating high voltage delivers the Bo-Witt Difference: simplicity, performance & value.

With over 55 years of sustained excellence and 110+ years of on-site engineering experience; Bo-Witt Products is your source for custom molded thermset composite solutions.  Vertically integrated with 10 manufacturing competencies, ISO 9001:2015 certified, global supplier to hundreds of demanding customers including Fortune 500 OEMs; we have what it takes to meet your most challenging product needs.